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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
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Friday, November 20, 2009
Resume Maker Professional  ultimate 3 new version:

Resume Maker Pro ultimate has been a best-seller for five years running and it's easy to see why. Its full range of features gives it an edge over its competitors, and helps you to organize all aspects of your job-search together. The contact manager ensures you don't lose track of your applications or interviews, with a helpful calendar to remind you of appointments ahead and a check list to prevent forgetting anything. Perhaps the only thing that detracts slightly from its appeal is its cost, which is slightly higher than other sites.In addition, there is a 'salary calculator' to tell you what sort of salary you should be expecting, considering the job specification and location, as well as tips on how to negotiate to make sure you aren't short-changed.

You can create your resume with ease, yet with the assurance that it will be eye-catching and will display your best assets, as there are several different styles to chose from as well as a selection of professional fonts. There are myriad phrases and words provided to help you along, and a large range of sample resumes to cast your eye over for inspiration. When you have finished, simply use the review tool to check it over for mistakes.However, if you are serious about searching a career to suit you, then it could well be worth it, and you will certainly receive a very professional and highly-recommended piece of software.

The Interview and Salary section particularly impressed us, as considerable effort has been put in to ensure you are fully prepared for your interview, with virtual questions and answers to give you practice, as well as the opportunity to save your answers for each question to come back to later. This will undoubtedly build up your confidence for that all-crucial interview! .

The Job finder is an excellent asset to this software and does all the hard work trawling through recruitment-sites and newspaper listings so that you don't have to. It also offers the opportunity to 'cast' your resume, immediately sending it to 90 top recruitment sites, withholding personal information, to broaden the net of your job-search considerably. The pdf resume feature compiles your resume, cover letter, references and even a resume addendum if applicable, into one pdf document for a more professional format. This can be burnt to CD or DVD and you can even design a sleek cover for your finished CD to make your application even more attention-grabbing.

Resume Maker Professional is no bad investment for anyone who appreciates peace of mind, as it covers all aspects of job-seeking and takes steps to ensure you're on track and haven't forgotten any appointments. It tutors you effectively for all steps in the arduous process of resume-writing and preparing for interviews, with expert advice on hand at all times, as well as insider tips from other experienced professionals. The opportunity to publish your resume online for free, as well as distribute it in a high-quality format to a large number of recruitment sites, will prevent your career stagnating and keep you at the forefront of your profession.
  •  More than one user: Once downloaded, all members of your household can sign in separately to the program.
  •  Expert Advice: Optional advice that can be viewed as a video or read as text at any point.
     Professional styles: A range of styles are available for your resume, including several free professional fonts.
  • Sample phrases: 150,000 example phrases are available to use. 
  • Publish Online: Your resume can be published as a free web page as part of
  • Email: There is the facility to email your resume in its original, professional format, which is likely to make a favorable impact on your prospective employer.
  •  Pdf resume: Easily assemble all parts of your resume (including cover letter, references etc.) into one pdf document and burn to CD or DVD. You can then create labels and covers for these to create an impressive portfolio.
  •  Sample resumes and letters: Over a thousand sample resumes and letters are provided, covering a broad range of situations.
  •  Review: There is a review feature to ensure you avoid common grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  •  Video Tutorials: Over 50 video tutorials to help you along throughout the job-seeking process.
  •  Interview assistance: To help you with your interview technique, there are virtual interviews, along with answers and the rationale behind them. You can save your practiced answers for future reference.
  •  Salary Finder: Calculate your expected salary from your job sector and geographical location, and find out how to negotiate for it!
  •  Job-searching: Instantly scan all major career-recruitment sites for relevant jobs in your area.
  •  Resume Caster: Your resume can be distributed instantly to 90 top career-recruitment sites, without infringement of your privacy or security.
  •  Contact Manager: This allows you to keep track of your applications, appointments and contacts with comparative ease, and prevents you forgetting anything with its calendar and check-list.
  •  Mail Merge: Allows you to send multiple resumes or cover letters to different employers without laboriously changing all the details manually.